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Easter feeling! Issue #02/2013

Posted by: on Mar 25, 2013 | 2 Comments

Are you all as excited for the upcoming Easter as I am? While winter doesn’t seem to finally go away, the clock is still ticking, and it’s high time to get it on with some spring-time yummy things. As always, I am happy to share with you guys what I’ve been up to lately.

I am also proud to announce that from now on my work can also be seen in magazines by BURDA Media, including their beautiful magazine “Sweet Dreams”!

Allright, getting down to brass tacks now:

Above images: Mint ice cream cake (in print: “Lisa Kochen & Backen” 02/2013)  |  ”Surprise eggs” with mint creme (in print: “Sweet Dreams” Spring/2013).

Above images:  Rice salad with turkey and peas  (in print: “So isst Italien” 03/2013)  |   Bean salad with goat cream cheese (in print: “So isst Italien” 03/2013).
Both recipes are from the series “Yummy lunch” feautured in this issue of “So isst Italien”.

Above images: Limoncello cupcakes (in print: “Sweet Dreams” Spring/2013)  |   Lemon-cream cheese tiramisu (in print: (in print: “Sweet Dreams” Spring/2013).

Above images: Rhubarb parfait  (in print: “Sweet Dreams” Spring/2013)  |   Rhubarb croissants (in print: “Sweet Dreams” Spring/2013).

Spoiler alert: you can find an extensive amount of great dessert recipes in that ” Sweet Dream” issue!

Above images: Orange semifreddo topped with espresso (in print: “So isst Italien” 03/2013)  |  White chocolate creme with raspberry puree and sprinkles (in print: “So isst Italien” 03/2013).
Both recipes are from the series “Desserts in a glass” feautured in this issue of “So isst Italien”.

And now a few of easter-themed images – hopefully, they wil help you up in the spring-time feeling, especially if you are as tired of this long winter as I am!
I’ve been cooking and shooting plenty of easter food lately, based on the publishers’ demand.

Above image: Roastbeef (in print: “LandGenuss” 02/2013). This recipes is from the series “Easter brunch” feautured in this issue of “LandGenuss.

Above images:  Creme of eggs and mustard (in print: “LandGenuss” 02/2013)  |  Crispy cull in nuts  (in print: “LandGenuss” 02/2013).
Both recipes are from the series “Easter brunch” feautured in this issue of “LandGenuss.

Above images:  Stuffed pancakes (in print: “LandGenuss” 02/2013)  |  Chicory bacon gratin (in print: “Lisa Kochen & Backen” 02/2013).

Above image:  Easter bowle (in print: “LandGenuss” 02/2013).

By the way, how do you like these rabbits? :) Some LandGenuss readers apparently liked them that much, they reached out to the magazine’s office asking where could they get a pair of their own!

Above images: Fruity eggnog (in print: “LandGenuss” 02/2013)  |  Warming easter punch  (in print: “LandGenuss” 02/2013) .


  1. Анна
    April 20, 2013

    Ира, до чего же приятные у Вас фотографии! Одно удовольствие рассматривать :)

    • Ira Leoni
      April 20, 2013

      Анна, большое вам спасибо!!:)


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