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Oh It Is Christmas Time Of Year Again! Issue #05/2013

Posted by: on Dec 5, 2013 | No Comments
Image & styling by Ira Leoni

Ho-ho-ho folks! Christmas will be here again before you know it, so here I am with some fresh and – hopefully – inspiring works of mine. 

Hello summer! Issue #03/2013

Posted by: on Jul 2, 2013 | 3 Comments

I know it’s been a while again since I’ve posted updates here. The thing about work-life balance is that you either knee-deep in work or in life; the balance gets lost somewhere inbetween :)

Easter feeling! Issue #02/2013

Posted by: on Mar 25, 2013 | 2 Comments

Are you all as excited for the upcoming Easter as I am? While winter doesn’t seem to finally go away, the clock is still ticking, and it’s high time to get it on with some spring-time yummy things. As always, I am happy to share with you guys what I’ve been up to lately.

It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas! Issue #05/2012

Posted by: on Nov 26, 2012 | One Comment

No, no, no – I haven’t been  lazy or anything! To the contrary – the amount of images I am shooting has been continuously growing lately, which sort of totally kicked me off track with this blog.
As the Christmas season is closing in, I decided to take some time off the daily routine and to share some of the pictures – and a couple of my favorite recipes! – with you guys! For those of you who are fortunate to read German, there are more of my images and corresponding recipes spread across recent issues of ‘So isst Italien’ and ‘LandGenuss’.

Here’s to a sweet, healthy and safe 2012! Issue #01/2012

Posted by: on Jan 9, 2012 | 5 Comments
Issue #01/2012

Happy New Year 2012, dear readers, and welcome to the Issue #1 of this brand new year! We’ve been busy over the last few weeks – partly due to the work schedule(s), partly because this time of year is always about family reunions and friend visits. Which, of course, does mean cooking and eating in obscene amounts, so if you think we’ve been away from everything related to food these days – we haven’t!

Christmas market in Strasbourg: it’s that time of year again!

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Christmas market in Strasbourg

We maintain a good tradition checking out various Christmas markets in both Germany and France around this time of year. One of our local favorites is Strasbourg in France, not far from the border, and as we went there to spend some quality time, we thought we should share visual impressions.